Ubuntu Node Box Guide 2022 Edition

The Ministry of Nodes Ubuntu Node Box Guide for Ubuntu 22.04 has been released!

 Articles   May 9, 2022

Ubuntu Node Box Guide 2022 Edition

I've just released the Ubuntu Bitcoin Node Box video series of tutorials for 2022!

Who is this series for?

This series is for those who wish to learn and understand how to create a fully featured bitcoin node. It’s a workstation that you and your family can use to conduct your financial affairs. There are plenty of concepts you will learn throughout the series. It’s a deep dive into open source software including linux, bitcoin, lightning and more.

What's covered?

In the 2022 series, we are working exclusively in the command line. We install Ubuntu 22.04 live server edition to a computer and build this from the ground up.

Don't get intimidated. I'll give you a primer lesson on the command line. During the series, I'll teach you the basic command line skills you'll need to have a good time for the rest of the series.

I'll take you through the download, verification, installation and configuration of various pieces of bitcoin related software.

Take a look at the series overview to see what we'll be doing.

What's achieved?

Other than building out an incredible Bitcoin node workstation for you to use, the real achievement is the education along the way. You build the skills you need to run any software that you may find useful on GitHub. You become a little more sovereign with the software you use and are solely responsible for the decision to upgrade your packages. You’re achieving autonomy.

If you'd like to support the work I am doing, head over to the Ministry of Nodes Support page and let me know you want more of this content.

If you'd like one on one consulting, feel free to book a slot into my calendar on the consulting page.

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