Private Coaching Sessions

Are you interested in Bitcoin and looking for in depth guidance?

We are offering private consultation sessions tailored to outcomes you want to achieve. This will be a session where we can coach you through the following:

  • Bitcoin security practices
  • How to run your own Bitcoin full node (and why it’s important)
  • Accepting bitcoin for your small business
  • Bitcoin privacy
  • Lightning Network
  • Maintaining basic digital hygiene

We will point you to resources to find more information, do your own research and troubleshoot any issues along the way.

The coaching sessions are conducted via online Zoom call. Sessions can be recorded and provided for your reference.

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Take advantage of our years of practice in Bitcoin and learn from experienced Bitcoiners.

For enquiries, please e-mail us at ministryofnodes@gmail.com. Tell us about any specific outcome(s) you wish to achieve and we’ll point you in the right direction and guide you through. We will tailor it to your level of computer competency and understanding and adjust accordingly.

Prices are whatever you believe our time is worth.