Private Coaching Sessions

Are you interested in Bitcoin and looking for in depth guidance and understanding?

We are offering private coaching sessions tailored to outcomes you want to achieve. This will be a session where we can coach you through the following topics:

  • Bitcoin self custody and security practices
  • Bitcoin full nodes
  • Bitcoin privacy
  • Lightning Network

The coaching sessions are conducted via online Zoom call. Book in a session with us using the calendar above.

Take advantage of our years of practice in Bitcoin and learn from experienced Bitcoiners. We will tailor the session to your level of computer competency and understanding and adjust accordingly. Read what others have said about our work here.

There is no obligation to pay. Prices are whatever you believe our time is worth. You can support us here. Book the session on the calendly widget above.

For queries, please e-mail us at ministryofnodes@gmail.com