Read some of the feedback we've received from our clients.

 Testimonials   July 29, 2021


Here is some of the feedback we have received on our consulting sessions and workshops.

"Once again, thank you for your time earlier today.  Both of you were patient and thorough in ticking off all of the areas that I wanted to cover.  Saved me dozens if not hundreds of hours of frustration.  A very professional experience for me and I'd highly recommend it to anyone."

"We had a workshop with Stephan and Ketan and to say it was enlightening would be an understatement. Both bought an enthusiasm and level of knowledge to the workshop that was well above what I expected. We were hoping to gain a better understanding of bitcoin, threats and custody and Stephan and Ketan delivered over and above. If you are thinking of doing a workshop I would highly recommend it- they delivered over and above!"

"Bitcoin is innovative because it brings together insights from so many different disciplines. But it's rare to find someone who is an expert in more than a single one of those topic areas... Stephan and Ketan are the exception. They're super knowledgeable about Bitcoin's economics and history, as well as the technology. The workshop cleared up a lot of questions I had. And made me eager to keep learning. Wading through a page of search results for "what is bitcoin" is no match for sitting down with Stephan and Ketan. They'll put you in a good place to start securing your savings properly."

"This workshop is for anyone getting started in the space but is also for people who have been in the space and are keen to learn more. Both Stephan and Ketan were highly motivated and enthusiastic about all topics and were very knowledgeable."

"This training was fantastic in providing the 'why'. Why run your own node? Why concern yourself with privacy? Why persist with keeping abreast of new developments? Why bitcoin? This session has helped immensely in pointing me in the right direction to further develop my own stack. I'm so grateful you spent the extra time explaining the lightning network as it's the first time I've heard of a second layer solving specific issues with the base layer. Looking forward to seeing Ministry of Nodes spread the message far and wide. Who knew a ledger could be so exciting!?"

"Stephan and Ketan pulled out all the stops and provided great information and value on how to set up and maintain a safe and private bitcoin node and best safe practices for keeping your stack of sats secure & private. They shared in depth on wallets, multisig, coinjoin, lightning, hardware & software and insights into how they do it right- along with superb tools and how to’s with tons of links & references. Hats off and thank you for a really substantial presentation. Thanks Again!"

"The seminar was incredibly helpful for me. I feel much more informed now about security and privacy when using Bitcoin. The quality of the information was excellent and it was pitched at exactly the right level of complexity for someone like me at the intermediate level of Bitcoin knowledge."

"So if you want to opt into the bitcoin ecosystem then this is a great place to learn the why and how. Learn to verify your own btc transactions from two educational leaders in the space. Thankyou Stephan and Ketan."

"The Ministry of Nodes webinar was a user friendly deep dive into all of the essential aspects of participation in Bitcoin, from how to buy and store BTC, through to hosting your own node at home. For someone like me with a beginner to intermediate level of knowledge, it allowed me to take my understanding to the next level in a cost effective way and in a highly interactive format. The ability to ask Stephan and Ketan questions in real time as the webinar progressed was particularly valuable, and helped me clear up some of my longer held queries about Bitcoin as well as answering some new questions that came to mind during the webinar. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Well done Stephan and Ketan for your dedication to teaching others and your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with the broader Bitcoin community. You guys rock!"

"Thank you very much for organizing this introduction on how to set-up your own node. There is a lot of information on the web but a newcomer like me can get lost in all the information and options. Your webinar provided a simple step by step guide on how to set-up the node. In addition you explained the background and what are the advanced options which will help to further develop my own knowledge. The way you presented and shared your knowledge was very helpful and motivating to give it a try by myself. Thank you again, well done."

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