Ministry of Nodes – 1 on 1 coaching 4 hour session



Are you a bitcoin holder looking for in depth, in person guidance? If you are based in Sydney, Australia, we are offering you a session where Ketan or Stephan come and walk you through the process of buying bitcoin and storing them in a hardware wallet, as well as teaching you about other good practices with bitcoin security and privacy. This will be a 4 hour session where we come to you and coach you through the following:

  • Bitcoin as sound money
  • How to secure it using a hardware wallet
  • How to store your seed backup
  • How to run your own bitcoin full node
  • Privacy and security basics
  • Maintaining basic digital hygiene

We appreciate that many of our customers are time poor and want guidance through the process of buying and storing bitcoin. Take advantage of our years of practice in Bitcoin and learn from experienced Bitcoiners. Booking a session with us means you will get personalised care and time. For enquiries, please email us at


  • We are not providing financial advice
  • We are not selling you the Bitcoins ourselves as part of this service, this service is to assist you in buying and storing Bitcoins
  • We are not providing the hardware required for this, so please order a hardware wallet in advance of the session