Node Box Guide 2020 Edition

The Node Box Guide video series is designed to help you learn and understand more about how to create your own fully featured bitcoin node. I cover it from the ground up. The playlist has been released and can be found below.

Ministry of Nodes: Node Box Guide Series Playlist

Who is this series for?

This is mainly for those who wish to learn and understand how to create a fully featured bitcoin node. It’s a workstation that you and your family can use to conduct your financial affairs. There are plenty of concepts you will learn throughout the series. It’s a deep dive into open source software including linux, bitcoin and more. Beginners are more than welcome to watch and see how this unfolds. Hopefully, the series ignites your passion for computers, an open internet, bitcoin and freedom.

What’s covered?

Ministry of Nodes: Overview

The series takes you through an overview of the software used, some of the hardware options available to you and how typical home networks work. I then install the operating system, give a basic understanding of it and start installing all the bitcoin related software out. Software generally follows this set methodology:

Download -> Verify -> Install -> Configure -> Run -> Start on boot -> Maintain.

The software covered:
– Bitcoin Core
– Specter Desktop
– Electrum Rust Server
– Electrum Wallet
– Samourai Wallet, Dojo, Whirlpool
– BTCPayServer

There’s plenty of tips and tricks along the way.

What’s achieved?

Other than building out an incredible Bitcoin node workstation for you to use, the real achievement is the education along the way. You build the skills you need to run any software that you may find useful on GitHub. You become a little more sovereign with the software you use and are solely responsible for the decision to upgrade your packages. You’re achieving autonomy.

The Supplementary Pack

The content is available for free on YouTube. If you’d like to support the work that I am doing, I also have a written up a supplementary pack that details all the commands used in the video series. This makes it a little easier for you to copy and paste the commands in to your terminal. Be sure to review them before blindly copying and pasting! The supplementary pack is available for purchase here.

What’s outstanding?

At this point, Lightning Network. I have yet to record the Lightning Network process but will get that out as soon as possible.