Don’t get into Crypto, get into Bitcoin

“Crypto” is a waste of your time. Get into Bitcoin.

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Crypto is a misnomer. Bitcoin, not Crypto. Be wary that there are a range of questionable tactics employed by these people pushing the idea that it’s “Crypto”.

Shitcoiners pretend to be nice

For example, they will pretend that they are just being civil and open minded. When you point out that they are basically fleecing newbies with false promises, they cry foul. They think you should be more nice. But you should realise, scammers are always presenting a nice front. That’s how they lure victims in!

Doesn’t mean you have to follow or agree with people who are being assholes, but at least be open to the idea that sometimes these are the people calling out scams and questionable projects.

They’ll call you tribalist

They’ll say “Oh some people in Crypto are just so tribalist”. Many will frame it like you’re just not open minded. When really, they just want you to be open minded to their self-enrichment schemes. They get behind attacks on Bitcoin, speak against Bitcoin, and then cry about it when Bitcoiners call them out.

What about ‘Blockchain technology’?

This narrative has been going for years. If you are still under some kind of delusion that this is a long term profitable or meaningful innovation, I highly recommend you read my friend Jimmy Song’s articles on this:

But I genuinely want to get involved

If you really want to improve and help things, here’s how:

  • First take the time to learn about Bitcoin (read bitcoin books, subscribe to SLP, TFTC, Noded)
  • Become comfortable holding your own private keys, running your own node
  • Set up Dollar Cost Averaging or ‘tithing’ by regularly buying Bitcoin
  • Review code and pull requests, either for Bitcoin itself, or for associated bitcoin & lightning software
  • Provide feedback and discussion on bitcoin-dev or lightning-dev mailing lists (first lurk and learn before posting)
  • Build applications, tools, and businesses that interact with Bitcoin
  • Help test Bitcoin applications and tools, providing feedback to developers
  • Create educational material
  • Build Bitcoin focused communities and meet up groups
  • Help your family/friends set up their own node, or at least get them to use your ‘community’ node

For more detail on bitcoin contribution, see my interviews with Jon Atack re: Bitcoin Core Contribution or Pierre Rochard re: Bitcoin Governance.

So remember, it’s Bitcoin, Not Crypto.

If you’re new and want tips on securing your Bitcoin private keys, and running your Bitcoin node, sign up for a Ministry of Nodes webinar here. We’ll speed you through the learning curve and help you know what to focus on. Stay safe out there!

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