Ubuntu Node Box – Video Tutorials

My Ubuntu Node Box video tutorials have been uploaded to our YouTube channel!

Financial self sovereignty – it’s a worthy pursuit.

Bitcoin developers are building the most advanced open source hardware and software on the planet for us to achieve a level of financial freedom that has never before existed in human history. You may have heard buzzwords like “sovereignty” and “freedom”, but how do we practically go about achieving this? There’s only so much that can be learnt from podcasts. There comes a time for individual human action.

Advancing your knowledge

I’ve put together a series of educational video tutorials for the complete novice. My goal is to build you up to become a financially sovereign beast. To “be your own bank”, it’s important to run your own Bitcoin node – a computer that’s kept switched on and connected to the Internet 24/7, allowing you to participate in this new financial system free from censorship and reliance on trusted centralised third parties.

Start by just observing and understanding

Watch on as I take you through the basics of Ubuntu, a friendly entry level operating system. We get familiar with the command line interface (cli) also known as the Terminal. We move quickly on to installing Bitcoin Core, establishing our financial backbone. It’s from here that everything else is built on top of.

I take you through the installation and usage of all the favourites. Electrum, Electrum Server, BTCPayServer, Whirlpool, btc-rpc-explorer, c-lightning, spark-wallet and JoinMarket. The series will keep growing with more software and tips added to the stack.

The End Goal – Financial Self Sovereignty

The tools and knowledge gained in this series will have you earning bitcoin, verifying its existence and keeping them reasonably secure and private all in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve successfully built this box, you will make central banks, banks and payment processors irrelevant to your monetary affairs. It won’t matter what their policies and procedures are. You become immune to these decisions.

Be motivated to take the leap in 2020

Make 2020 a year of action by not only understanding the theory, but taking the plunge into the practical. Use Bitcoin the way it was intended in conjunction with the best open source tools we have today. Enjoy the video playlist.

Ubuntu Bitcoin Node Box Video Playlist