Announcement – Ministry of Nodes Self Sovereignty Webinar

Are you a Bitcoiner who is struggling to run your own node and hold your own bitcoin private keys? Or perhaps you’re holding your own Bitcoin private keys on a Trezor or Ledger, but you’re trusting Trezor or Ledger’s servers? This is the workshop for you. Take control into your own hands.

Keeping up with Bitcoin is like drinking from a fire hose. And there are many traps along the way. Let us speed you through the learning curve with a webinar tailored for Bitcoin beginners. Our in person workshops had phenomenal feedback, and we realised many out there would want the same. So to scale this, we’re going to deliver these over the web, at a fraction of the cost.

Topics covered will include:

  • Economics of Bitcoin and why it is important
  • Securing your Bitcoin private keys
  • Bitcoin cold storage options
  • Running a Bitcoin node
  • Bitcoin Privacy
  • Lightning Network

Price: 615k sats (approx $50 USD at time of writing, shout out to ‘American HODL’). Bitcoin bech32 payment only i.e. you must be able to pay into an address starting with bc1.

When: Saturday 2nd November EDT 5pm, PDT 2pm, or for those in Sydney, AEDT 8am on Sunday 3rd November. The webinar will go for about 7 hours inclusive of some time for breaks.

Where: Webinar will be on Zoom, you can sign up here.

See some reviews of our earlier workshops here:

“We had a workshop with Stephan and Ketan and to say it was enlightening would be an understatement. Both bought an enthusiasm and level of knowledge to the workshop that was well above what I expected. We were hoping to gain a better understanding of bitcoin, threats and custody and Stephan and Ketan delivered over and above. If you are thinking of doing a workshop I would highly recommend it- they delivered over and above!”

“Bitcoin is innovative because it brings together insights from so many different disciplines. But it’s rare to find someone who is an expert in more than a single one of those topic areas… Stephan and Ketan are the exception. They’re super knowledgeable about Bitcoin’s economics and history, as well as the technology. The workshop cleared up a lot of questions I had. And made me eager to keep learning. Wading through a page of search results for “what is bitcoin” is no match for sitting down with Stephan and Ketan. They’ll put you in a good place to start securing your your savings properly.”

“This workshop is for anyone getting started in the space but is also for people who have been in the space and are keen to learn more. Both Stephan and Ketan were highly motivated and enthusiastic about all topics and were very knowledgeable.”

“This training was fantastic in providing the ‘why’. Why run your own node? Why concern yourself with privacy? Why persist with keeping abreast of new developments? Why bitcoin? This session has helped immensely in pointing me in the right direction to further develop my own stack. I’m so grateful you spent the extra time explaining the lightning network as it’s the first time I’ve heard of a second layer solving specific issues with the base layer. Looking forward to seeing Ministry of Nodes spread the message far and wide. Who knew a ledger could be so exciting!?”