5 things Bitcoiners should do for Precoiners

In this article, Stephan provides 5 things you can do to help your precoiner and newcoiner friends.

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash

Are you a hardcore Bitcoiner? Here are 5 things you can do to help your precoiner and newcoiner friends:

1. Improve your technical competence

Become familiar with running a Bitcoin full node and why it matters, both to your individual bitcoin holdings, and to defending the Bitcoin ethos and your chosen ruleset of Bitcoin. Just like they say in the airplane safety briefing – you have to learn how to protect yourself before you can teach other people.

This means being familiar with running bitcoin yourself, and learning how to become more advanced in your set up. E.g. running your own Electrum Personal Server (or ElectrumX or Electrs) and connecting your Electrum client with it, running a node using BTCPayServer, running off-the-shelf node products such as Nodl or Casa Node, or running Samourai Wallet Dojo. 

2. High Signal Resources Curated for the Precoiner

Precoiners should be directed towards high signal resources for learning, and away from confusing or high noise resources or companies (Shitcoindesk, Conbase, Shitpay, Shitcoiners, Blockchainers). Keep in mind: 

  1. Be wary of ‘overloading them’ with too many options and putting them into “analysis paralysis”. A good teacher sets a step by step pathway for their student, without overwhelming them. Assess their economic and technical competence, and recommend a suitable next step for them to take. 
  2. There is massive complexity and choice in this space. We have to take on the burden of simplifying the complexity for our precoiner or newcoiner family/friends

3. Take Newcoiner Bitcoins off an Exchange

If your Newcoiner family and friends have left their bitcoins on an exchange, they need to be taught how to use a hardware wallet and to progress up the HODL levels. Point them to the SLP Hardware Wallet Interview Series or perhaps Matt Odell’s Coldcard guide, or BTCSessions, or Max Hillebrand.

Consider also: 

  1. If you are capable, set up Electrum Personal Server or Electrs or ElectrumX and get them to point their Electrum client at your server, rather than public servers or trusting the Hardware Wallet manufacturers. Use Ketan’s Ubuntu Node Box Guide which includes EPS.
  2. Run a Dojo node for your friends to pair their Samourai Wallet with.
  3. Guide them to set up their own Nodl or Casa Node.
  4. Guide them to set up their own RasPi (eg. mynodebtc, RaspiBlitz or RaspiBolt) or PC node (again, using Ketan’s guide above) if they are more capable. 

4. Contribute to bitcoin documentation/guides

Bitcoin’s tech and software is evolving so rapidly that we simply don’t have nice step by step guides for many aspects of Bitcoin security, privacy etc. If you’re familiar with a piece of Bitcoin software or hardware, consider contributing to bitcoin documentation and guides for it. Consider also that guides get written but become ‘stale’ over time, so any help you can provide with keeping the documentation updated is also valuable.

Or perhaps you can help by showing how to combine different pieces of Bitcoin software & or software and hardware e.g. the Wasabi & Coldcard guides done by BTCSessions and Matt Odell. People learn in different ways, so written step by step guides or YouTube tutorials are both great for this.

5. Provide Precoiner/Newcoiner Tech Support

Help newbies on Twitter, Telegram channels for Bitcoin products, IRC channels, at your local Bitcoin meetups or other places where Bitcoin discussion takes place. If there is no Bitcoin meetup in your area, start one!


Remember that learning about Bitcoin is an extremely confusing and overwhelming time for a Precoiner/Newcoiner. Provide high touch, personalised guidance that simplifies, rather than confuses. Pick one or two key resources to point your friend towards. We hope you like our content enough to recommend Ministry of Nodes and/or SLP.

Good luck out there Bitcoiners! Remember, there’s nobody coming to save us. It’s on us. So get out there and be the Bitcoin Guy or Girl for your friends and family.

Lastly, follow us @ministryofnodes, @_k3tan, @stephanlivera and if you’re in Australia, check out our webinars if you want further guidance. Email us at or if you’d like a private education session.